French Riviera Film Commission has the pleasure to inform you that the cartoon movie “Small letter – The valley of lost ants” received last Friday, Award 2015 of the Best Cartoon movie.

Shot during summers 2012/2013 in the luxurious natural landscapes of the heart of the massif of Mercantour (Alpes-Maritimes) and in the park of Cases (Alpes de Haute-Provence), sets played a prominent role in this sensitive, funny movie and the quirky humor.

Remarkable tool of valuation of the natural decorations(sets) of the department 06, the French Riviera Film Commission had an immense pleasure to accompany the teams of the movie, which had demonstrated during the shooting a big respect for the natural places which welcomed them.


Taken out in 50 countries: 4 million entrances

The full-length film in 3D produces by the company FUTURIKON, MisterPhilippe Delarue deserved well this reward !

More than 4 million counted entrances to the world through about fifty countries, among which 1 and a half million in France to have gone to see the small animals imagined by the directors Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo.

“Small letter” uses a process of animation little spread in the cinema: the integration of computer generated images in a real decoration. If the characters of this full-length film of adventure are virtual, the landscapes, them, are very real!

This movie will have a continuation: “the mandibles of the end of the world” which French Riviera again hopes to welcome.

Once again all our congratulations.