The French Riviera General Council has been supporting the film industry, production, broadcasting, research, and education since 2006.

Cinematographic and audiovisual support funds

A pre-commission made up of local and national experts meets once a year to study applications for funding.

The pre-commission’s reports are then submitted by the permanent commission.

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Media deals

MEDIA DEALS is a pan-European investment network bringing together Venture Fund managers as well as Business Angels focusing on early-stage MediaTech companies. Its interest is in finding suitable European investment opportunities in this high-growth sector involving media content companies (film, televisioin, video games, music, mobile…) and technology-related companies able to diffuse this content.

Media Deals aims to provide the following services to investors looking for investment opportunities and to media companies looking for finance:

  • A monthly newsletter offering industry-specific news and analysis on private investment activities in the media content provider and enabler sectors, covering new deals, latest developments in media market places and special case studies on notable media start-ups.
  • A deal flow platform for media entrepreneurs looking for finance who can present their company or projects and start a dialogue in the strictest confidence with the members of the network.
  • A series of events where mediatech entrepreneurs follow business pitch training before pitching their company or projects directly to investors.
  • Research on issues linked to company activities.

The mission of Media Deals is to facilitate successful financial and entrepreneurial cooperation by assisting private equity in locating opportunities in the media sector, while supporting innovative media companies in their search for private equity. Public institutions are also involved for additional complementary financial and business support.

Created 5 years ago in Europe, Media Deals has now settled down in Cannes to offer new investment opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region but also from Monaco and the Mediterranean countries.

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