The Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP)

France offers a 30% tax rebate of up to €30 million for foreign feature films and TV productions which are completely or partly made in France. Covers expenses relating to author’s rights (under French contracts) and the actors’ wages.

Official co productions with French partners are not eligible.

Conditions of Eligibility:
To be eligible, projects must include elements related to French culture, heritage or territory. Eligibility is based on a Cultural Test, which assesses the relativity of the story, location, characters, sources, landmarks, creators, crew and technical hubs.

Other conditions are:
Live action projects must shoot at least 5 days in France (animation works, because of their nature, are subject to different conditions) and to spend at least €1 million in France in eligible expenses.
The rebate is awarded to the French line production company contracting with the foreign producer.

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CNC French National Film Centre

The French National Film Centre (CNC) operates under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture to support and regulate the film and audio visual industries.
It manages the revenue obtained from taxes levied on the turnover of the distribution of cinematographic and audiovisual works, whatever the medium. This revenue is pooled and redistributed in favour of new productions to support the film, audiovisual and multimedia industries.
More than €805 was distributed by the CNC in 2011.

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SOFICAs are private limited companies which act as investment funds to finance films and audiovisual works approved by the French National Film Centre (CNC)
When created, they are submitted to approval from the French Ministry of Finance and from the CNC.

SOFICAs do not produce or distribute films but are just a way to finance the film and the audiovisual industry. In return, they get royalties on any productions they have invested in.
SOFICAs foster independent production and creation renewal.

In 2010, SOFICAs invested in 122 films and 31 audiovisual programs.

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