Regional financial support for creation and production

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region actively supports the creation and the production of feature films or short films, documentaries, TV films, animated films… (help for writing, development, research…).
A pre-commission meets once a year to study applications for funding.
80 projects are generally supported by this funding every year.

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Prides Primi – Pôle Transmédia Méditerranée

A network of companies focusing on innovation and image production in the fields of film, audiovisual, games, multimedia and internet.

PRIMI aims to foster international development, innovation, know-how enhancement, social and environmental responsibility within these sector.

Support for project development
PRIMI manages the network to facilitate the development of innovative transmedia projects or collaborative projects by exploring new business models, technologies or creation.

Positioning on new markets
PRIMI accompanies its members at trade shows and markets in France and around the world.
The pole also organizes delegations to prospect new territories for companies.

Support for businesses
PRIMI supports companies and training organizations to manage their changing needs in terms of skills and training by proposing workshops, forums, a website, and business intelligence for its members.

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