The City of Nice, member city of the French Riviera Film commission, will welcome in the space Magnan from February 23rd till March 6th, 2015 a formation organized by the collective of the comedians “The Retort”.

This formation, on the theme “From the casting to the shooting, the work on the autonomy of the actor” is intended for the comediennes and comedians experimented of image, but also to those of theater and to all the artists (musicians, dubbers, circus artists, puppeteers), who wish to enrich their experience of the shoot broadcasting.
Participants : Cyril Lecomte and Bernard Blancan (comedians), Coralie Amadéo (Casting director), all being a member(part) of the team of “The French” as well as a chief cameraman.

All information on the site:

Within the framework of this internship, the collective of the comedians looking for two technique assistants, who will take care respectively of the grip) sound and shooting of filmed sequences (mainly for the second week, supervised by the chief cameraman) as well as of the state control, organized by the material(equipment) (video-projector, camera), digitalization of files as one goes along and logistic follow-up (management of the room, the link with the office of the Retort).

If you are interested, thank you for contacting:
Laurianne COLLANGE
The Retort / Charge of coordination
Phone: or by e-mail: