The French Riviera and Cinema is a match made in heaven. This love story can be traced back to the very beginnings of silent movies when film industry ambassadors first fell under the spell of this enchanting place.

Its idyllic setting, the mildness of its winters, the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean coastline, its landscape and extraordinary light are just some of the features that have seduced the movers and shakers of world of cinema. The Riviera’s reputation as the “Hollywood of Europe” is well deserved.

Many generations of directors and actors have come to the Riviera to work. During this time, Nice has built up an impressive expertise in cinematography, while Cannes will always be at the top of the bill with its International Film Festival. This love affair with the Riviera is set to continue, and over the past 16 years, some 165 features films, 181 TV films and series have been filmed here, as well as over 3 051 audio-visual projects.

All the filming locations you can imagine

A vast variety of settings are available on the Riviera: beaches, harbours, major cities and country villages, modern and traditional ski resorts, lunar landscapes, red rock canyons and many others.

The French Riviera: wide-open skies, rich and varied scenery bathed in intense Mediterranean light.