Private Funds


Private Funds

Here you will find some useful schemes in your search for private funding.

Sociétés de financement de l’industrie cinématographique et de l’audiovisuel (SOFICA)

They were created by the law of 11 July 1985. They are investment companies designed to collect private funds exclusively for the financing of film and audiovisual production. SOFICAs are created either on the initiative of film and audiovisual professionals or of operators in the banking and financial sector.

SOFICAs are neither co-producers, nor distributors, nor broadcasters, but an instrument for financing the film and audiovisual industry. In return for their interventions, they benefit from revenue rights on the various exploitation media of the works in which they invest.

Groupe de Recherches et d’Essais Cinématographiques (GREC)

Supported by the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) since its inception, GREC produces first short films – fiction, experimental, art film, animation, essay – while ensuring their singular and innovative character.

The GREC also develops new partnerships and opens up to new formats: a directing residency at the Museum of the History of Immigration, a 5×2 minute script competition with the Cinémathèque and the Grenoble Open Air Short Film Festival, the La 1ère image and l’Animal collections with the Cnap.

The Grec has supported more than 1,200 films and produces about 15 films per year, allowing the discovery of many filmmakers.

How to submit a project?

Crowdfunding or participatory financing platforms

These are participatory financing tools that can provide economic support for your project.

To set up a crowdfunding:
  • A concrete project with counterparts and therefore foresee their costs.
  • Good communication with a wide network, i.e. developing a real fundraising campaign
In addition, it should be noted that:
  • The vast majority of these platforms charge the project owner fees generally ranging from 5% to 10% of the successful collection (which is what keeps the platforms going)
  • The collection period is confined to a limited period (between 3 days and 3 months maximum)
  • There must be something in return for the contributor (e.g. participation in the filming)
  • The State has set up a transparency label with the following mention: “Participatory finance platform regulated by the French authorities”. This signals platforms in compliance with French legislation

Here is a non-exhaustive list of crowdfunding platforms:

  1. Comeon (with the transparency label): 100% public interest projects
  2. Kiss Kiss Bank Bank (with transparency label)
  3. Ulule (without transparency label)
  4. Proarti (without transparency label)