Capital of the French Riviera, Nice is a modern and active city: 2nd international airport in France, 2nd French cruise harbour, one of the leading hotel parks in France with 200 hotels and residences and a capacity of 10,000 rooms.

Nice is also 10 kilometers of coastline, 300 acres of green spaces; an elegant and popular city which draws its charm from its relaxed lifestyle which is due as much to the beauty of the city as to its exceptional microclimate.

A major city in the sustainable development sector, Nice is the “green city of the Mediterranean” open to the sea and protected by the surrounding mountains.
Its mild climate in winter and its sunshine (300 days a year) offers a luminosity that has attracted and still attracts the greatest artists – painters, writers and filmmakers.

Rich in its history, Nice has managed to conserve and develop its architectural heritage which is characterized by a wide variety of styles: ancient remains (Cimiez) and the Middle Ages (Colline du Château), Art Baroque (Vieux Nice), Belle Epoque ( Jules Chéret Museum of Fine Arts), Art Deco.

Nice is also looking to the future; the Arenas, a business district close to the airport, and the Eco-Vallée, a district devoted to sustainable development on the Var plain.