The Urban Community of the French Riviera : CARF

Located at the southern end of the Alpes- Maritimes, along the borders of Italy and the Principality of Monaco, its territory extends from the shores of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Massif du Mercantour. It is composed of 15 municipalities : Beausoleil, Castillon , Castellar, Gorbio, Menton, Pinwheel, Roquebrune Cap Martin, St. Agnes, Sospel, La Turbie, Breil-sur Roya, Fontan, La Brigue, Saorge and Tende.

(For the town of Beausoleil, Menton and Roquebrune Cap Martin, you will find a listing in our section.)


Breil-sur-Roya : Small town , located in a loop of the Roya , symbol frames between sea and mountain villages. The ancient city of Breil had, over the centuries, its defense by building more fortifications. The remains that there are still close to the agglomeration are Castle High Piene, former Castrum Gate discomfort and Cruella Tower, which owes its name to the birds of prey. On the heights overlooking Breil remaining forts built ( fully restored) at the end of the nineteenth century to defend the Alpes-Maritimes face the Italian threat .

La Brigue : Located on the extreme north-east of the Department in the field of High -Roya . She was in turn Provençale, Tarp , French, Piedmont, Italian and enriched this great architectural diversity ; particular Chapel ” Notre Dame des Fontaines ” with its frescoes attributed to Baleison and Canavesio (1492 ), the Bridge of Genoa fifteenth century, the Collegiate ” Saint Martin ” Penitents Balncs chapels and the remains of the Castle of Lascaris.
The hollow of the valley, The Brig is surrounded by mountains : Mount Bego in the west side of the ” Ciage ” and Mount Saccarello east, the “Balcony of Marta ” in the south.

Castillon : With a rich architectural heritage Provencal style with its typical stone houses with green shutters, there are now many shops, galleries such as the “City of Artists ” and ” Les Arcades du Serre “.

Harmony and conservation worth it to receive the cup in 1952 most beautiful village in France.

Castellar : Medieval city nestled on a hill, Castellar has sites and monuments to artistic. Its six chapels, narrow streets dotted with fountains, stairways and arches, still has the remains of the ancient baronial palace Lascaris-Ventimiglia unique character. Its location offers an exceptional view of the sea, the valley and surrounding mountains.

Fontan : Built along the river, the village has many springs and fountains.
Its position on a road invading armies into Piedmont, enabled him to become a military post and a relay station of the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. The center of the village, the Church of Our Lady of the Visitation of baroque style covered with slate roof is surmounted by a pear-shaped steeple covered with glazed tiles.

Gorbio : Meditating in the shade of the elm tercentenary the square, walk the cobbled streets of cobbled streets , towering above Menton village with its houses with porches, passages under arches and arched doors, preserves its charming medieval city.

Moulinet : The heart of the village is characterized by ancestral houses, at 800 meters altitude. It also includes some of the ski resorts and Turini Camp d’Argent (1800 m). Circuit Authion landscape breathtaking, has military remains; Strong and Stuart even an American tank of the Second World War.

St. Agnes : Lookout on the Mediterranean, the former defense post of the Franco- Italian border on the Maginot line has long been a coveted military site . Highest coastal village in Europe : only 3km from the sea as the crow flies . The view is 360 ° on the sea and on the mountains. It also sometimes see Corsica.
Rich in remains dating from the early seventeenth ( castle ruins and medieval garden), St. Agnes has a remarkable vegetation that stage between olive trees and mimosas .

Saorge : Overlooking it is almost intersection of two valleys : the valley of the Bendola, one of the wildest valleys of the Maritime Alps and the valley of CAIROS once Saorgiens garden and vineyard. The Church of St. Saviour, baroque jewel coated golds and colorful paintings of the eighteenth century, has on its facade painted in trompe l’oeil columns. Monastery Saorge (XVII), former convent Fransciscains and historical monument in 1917.

Sospel : 15 km north of Menton, Sospel has a rich religious heritage in baroque style. Its architecture is characterized by Gothic arcades houses, fountains and trompe l’oeil , testimonials almost “live” the wealth and influence of the Counts of Savoy and Sardinia.
The old bridge , dating from the thirteenth century (fully restored) through Bévéra , unique work in the department, is the true emblem of the village it once served for the transit of salt Every traveler should carry a right of way to continue his journey to Italy. Fort Barbonnet and the Fort Saint-Roch, examples of the military technology of the time, often used as a framework for filming.

Tende : Tende enjoys an exceptional view of the ” Valley of Wonders ” and the Mont Bego (2000m ). The village is characterized by dwellings of the fifteenth century dress greenschist, purple and large overhanging roofs , narrow streets, towers dating from the Renaissance, several chapels and castle ruins of Tenda.

La Turbie :  Famous village for its monumental Trophy of Augustus, perched above Villefranche-sur-Mer, retained admirable historical evidence : the foot Trophy, the village offers many picturesque cobbled streets, beautiful stone houses and has retained the baroque church of Saint Michel.
The village is also spread over some 660 hectares of the park Grande Corniche, overlooking the sea at Mount Battle and up Shelf Justice.