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Filmtech Riviera

Camera equipment, Post-production imaging, Props

Filmtech Riviera is specialising in the rental and operation of film equipment, including cameras and projectors in super 8, 16mm and 35mm formats. Thanks to their partner laboratory, a Kodak reseller based in France, they are able to support you in the process of purchasing, developing and scanning your negatives.

They also offer a wide choice of different types of old equipment such as sound equipment (tape recorders, microphones), analog cameras, technological objects of all kinds (CRT TVs, Beta players, VHS) and accessories that can be used as functional material or as decoration (tripods, film reels, cinema posters, etc.).

Visit their website or their shop located in the center of Cannes to discover the full details of their equipment.


“Still in Sun”, photo shoot;
“Chopard, Let the magic of cinema unfold”, advertising film;

Eco-responsible approach
As part of its eco-responsible approach, Filmtech Riviera attaches great importance to the reuse and repair of its equipment to avoid replacement. Out-of-use or unused equipment and sets are donated and reintegrated into a reuse cycle (furniture, electronics, etc.). In their workshop, they also commit to selective sorting.
Jules Fellegara, 9 Rue du Maréchal de Logis J Fellegara, 06400 Cannes, France
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