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“On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a major military offensive in Ukraine.

Unable to remain insensitive to this monstrosity, we had to react by giving all our support to these filmmakers, and to do so we needed a new “tool”.”

A year later, that tool was LIMITLESS, a production company run by Russian producer Yanna Buryak, who had immigrated to France at the start of the war, and French producer Ludovic Henry.

They are driven by a dual objective: to remain on the lookout for new writers, directors and producers wishing to come and shoot in France, and to continue supporting those they already knoẁ for new projects, both long and short. A few forays into institutional film or advertising enable them to ensure the company’s financial stability, the guarantor of their freedom.


“Comme une actrice”, feature film by Sébastien Bailly – Delegate producer

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