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MEA Meteo

Weather forecast

Weather forecast & expertise: real-time observations and anticipation.

Marie-Emilie Aubert is a meteorologist with over 7 years’ experience as a weather analyst for film shoots (shorts and feature films), but also with winemakers and farmers in France. She offers precise and ultra-localised weather forecast services tailored to clients’ requirements (before and during shooting). She also ensure a continuous watch and follow-up during filming to track changes in weather-related variables (rain, cloud cover, sunshine, wind, etc.) in real time.


“LA règne Animal”, feature film directed by Thomas Cailley and produced by Nord-Ouest Films;
“Nouveaux Riches” ,feature film directed by Julien Royal and produced by Chi-fou-mi;
“Second Round”, feature film directed by Albert Dupontel and produced by ADCB Films;
“Laroy”, feature film directed by Shane Atkinson, produced by Adastra Films;
“Rivière perdue”, series produced by Terence Films;
“Sirènes,” Amazon Prime Video feature film produced by Mandarin & Cie;
“The Barbarians”, feature film directed by Julie Delpy;
“De Gaulle, partie 1 et 2”, feature film produced by Pathe Prodexe;
“Leurs Enfants après eux”, feature film produced by Chi-fou-mi.

Marie-Emilie AUBERT
06370 Mouans-Sartoux, France
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