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MH Property specialises in the rental of luxury villas and flats, particularly on the French Riviera. Used to working with productions, the MH property team knows exactly what they need, and always finds the right fit.


Alphonse, tv fiction with Jean DUJARDIN and Charlotte GAINSBOURG, directed by Nicolas BEDOS

Sirènes, feature film produced by MANDARIN et Cie

Brûle le Sang, feature film with Nicolas DUVAUCHELLE and Finnegan OLDFIELD, directed by Akaki POPKHADZE

Le mensonge, mini-series, produced by Thalie Images
Disparu à jamais, tv fiction, produced by Xavier Matthieu
Tout pour Agnès, tv fiction, produced by Effervescence Productions

La jeune fille et la nuit, tv series, produced by Make it Happen

5 Rue Cais de Pierlas, Nice, France
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