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Prêt à Tourner

Animal training

Prêt à tourner is a renowned company of animal trainers and has put its expertise to work in over 123 films, series and commercials as :

  • Audiovisual Animal Educator
  • Animal trainer
  • Animal impregnation and coordination for films and events
  • State-certified behaviourist
  • Wild animal keeper

Their priority: greater consideration for animal welfare.

“Our ethos is respect, integrity and animal welfare

Animals are living, sensitive beings.

Working with them requires adopting an ethical stance and giving the animal a value.

The only way to achieve quality work with an animal is to listen to it and know how to observe it in order to adapt and respect its individuality.

Prêt à Tourner favours patience, understanding and collaboration with the chosen animal in order to meet the filmmakers’ expectations.

Their work is based on play, mutual trust and the natural qualities of the animals.

“Tom Medina”, feature film by Tony Gatlif produced by Princes Film – Casting, preparation and shooting with dogs, owls and crows
“Sirènes”, feature film by Adeline Picault, produced by Mandarin Production – Casting, preparation and shooting with several dogs and gulls
“Mort d’un berger”, feature film by Christian Bonnet produced by Superwoman production – Casting, preparation and filming with a Pyrenean mountain and rats
Christophe DEBONO
210 Chemin de Cayoux, 84240 La Tour-d'Aigues, France
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