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Adastra Films

Executive production companies, Production service companies

Thanks to its experience in executive production since 2008 on well-known fiction films (selected at Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca and broadcast on Netflix, France TV, etc.), Adastra Films offers a complete range of services (pre-production, shooting, post-production) on the Côte d’Azur:
• budget and advising,
• logistics support,
• filming permits,
• location scouting,
• crew hiring,
• casting,
• management for equipment rental,
• accommodation,
• transportation,
• postproduction.


“Laroy”, feature film directed by Shane Atkinson;
“Pulse”, feature film directed by Aino Suni;
“Domingo”, feature film directed by Raul Lopez Echeverria;
“The Strange Ones”, feature film directed by Lauren Wolkstein & Chris Radcliff;
“Brides”, feature film directed by Tinatin Kajrishvili

Eco-responsible approach
As part of its eco-responsible approach, Adastra Films is implementing various actions: • Recruiting as many local technical teams as possible. • Renting equipment from regional partners. • Favoring train travel. • Use less energy-intensive light sources. • Donate props to Strike Films studios for their stock. • Borrow or rent costumes and props, give preference to second-hand purchases. • Donate sets and costumes to associations that will soon be opening storage facilities. • Sell costumes and accessories at the end of the shoot. • Have Panéolocal deliver organic and local fruit to the food department. • Sort waste on set. • Use reusable cups, water bottles and other reusable materials. • Use premises located in an eco-responsible building and an electric company car.
Leslie JACOB
216 Avenue Francis Tonner, Cannes, France
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