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The Assault Cinema team of stunt actors comes from a wide range of backgrounds and aims at portraying the best way on screen the French military and forces of law and order (R.A.I.D, G.I.G.N, B.A.C, special forces, police, gendarmerie whether civilian or in uniform).

It is with great care, and with concern for credibility and professionalism that ASSAULT CINEMA gets involved in each project and also offers technical advices and actor coaching.


“Tikkoun”, tv series produced by Canal+;
“Simon Colman”, tv series produced by France TV;
“Meurtre à”, tv series produced by France TV;
“Crime à”, tv series produced by France TV;
“Un coup de dés n’abolira jamais le hasard”, feature film directed by Yvan Attal and produced by Curiosa Film;
“Bronx”, feature film directed by Olivier Marchal and produced Gaumont;
“La Peste”, tv series produced by Siècle Production;
“Sirenes”, feature film produced by Mandarin & Cie, for Amazon Prime Video;
“Disparue à jamais”, tv series produced by Calt Studio for Netflix;

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