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Sound equipment

1000 Hertz focuses its expertise on sound recording service, consulting and rental of top-of-the-range sound recording equipment for the audiovisual industry. Its passionate team is particularly attentive to the latest innovations in order to provide high-performance equipment for the realization of quality project (feature film, television, tv serie, documentary, reportage, advertisement, magazine, corporate).

List of equipment:
• Recording devices : Cantar X3 + canterem, Sound Devices Scorpio, 888, 833, 633, 788SSD.
• Radio mic : Sound Device Nexus, A20 Mini, A10, Wisycom MCR54, MCR42, MTP41, MTP40, Audio Limited 2040, Sennheiser.
• Microphones : Schoeps CMC1, CMC6, MiniCmit, LCR, MS, Sennheiser MKH50, MKH60,MKH416, DPA, Sanken.
• Ear monitoring : Phonak, Sennheiser IEM EK300, Lectrosonics R1a.
• Time Code : Tentacle, clap électronique Ambient ACN-LS2.


“The Serpent Queen”, tv series produced by Lionsgate;
“Comme mon fils”, TF1 series directed by Franck Brett, produced by Radar Films;
“HARDtalk”, BBC News tv show;
“19h le dimanche”, France TV, tv show;
Gucci commercial produced by Orange Films;
BMW Whisper commercial produced by Shot in Mars;

Eco-responsible approach
Member of the Ecoprod association. As part of its eco-responsible approach, 1000 hertz is committed to eco-production, by using rechargeable batteries and minimizing the use of consumables.
5 Rue Charles de Foucauld, 06100 Nice, France
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