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Underwater shooting

With over 10 years of international experience in underwater and slow-motion filming, Bluearth Production’s technical catalog offers innovative technical solutions for all types of projects in the film and documentary industry. Their housings and splash bags are compatible with ARRI cameras (mini and mini LF), RED DSMC2, Sony Venice, Sony A7S2, A7S3, as well as Vision Research (Phantom Flex 4K and Phantom Miro). Bluearth Production also provides a range of underwater lighting solutions, ranging from 30 Klumens to 450 Klumens, along with surface-to-underwater communication systems to ensure seamless communication between divers and the surface team. Additionally, they handle maritime coordination, marine production management, and the recruitment of underwater technicians and stunt doubles for underwater scenes.


“Notre tout petit petit mariage,” feature film directed by Frédéric Quiring, produced by UGC;
“The Son,” feature film directed by Florian Zeller;
“Mascarade,” feature film directed by Nicolas Bedos, produced by Les Films du Kiosque;
“Stillwater,” feature film directed by Tom McCarthy;

Jean-Charles GRANJON
51 Rue de l'Évêché, 13002 Marseille, France
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