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Classic Drivers

Action car

Classic Drivers, based at Nice airport, offers a fleet of 21 iconic cabriolets from the 60s-70s ready to fit into your events: rental with or without driver, photo shooting, films, tourist rally for up to 80 people, gathering cars…

To name just a few of their cars: Rolls Royce Corniche, Mustang, Thunderbird, Porsche 356 Speedster, Jaguar E-Type, Austin Haeley 3000…

Since their creation, CLASSIC DRIVERS has successfully managed tailor-made events, respecting the specifications of their customers. Events in France and Europe up to the creation ballads of more than 80 participants who drive dream convertibles on mythical roads.


Advertising for Louis Vuitton organized by the agency World plus

Advertising shoot for the launch of a range of clothes by the agency Mes demoiselles Paris

Eco-responsible approach
Classic Drivers has a deep passion for classic cars, and they firmly believe that this passion can coexist harmoniously with a commitment to preserving the environment. Their company is committed to contributing to a more sustainable future while preserving and celebrating the timeless charm of classic cars. They are working on our fleet for a transition to more environmentally friendly fuel.
2 Boulevard des Myrthes, 06150 Cannes, France
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